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Annual Reviews /EHCPs

Surrey Local Offer

What is the purpose of the review?

The review is to make sure that at least once a year you and your child meet with the school and all the professionals involved in your child’s education, health and care.

This is an opportunity to:

  • review and celebrate the progress made by your child
  • update the plan in terms of needs, provision arrangements and outcomes 
  • discuss any necessary changes to the plan.

As a parent/carer, a review is an important opportunity for you and your child to share your views and co-create a plan, identifying yours and your child's aspirations, provision needs and learning outcomes for the future. 

What is the process of the review?

There are four steps to the review process:

1. Collection of information - person and family centered planning and professional reports

2. The annual review meeting

3. The Headteacher’s report of the meeting

4. The local authority reviews the plan and considers any provision changes

1. Collection of information

Your local authority must ensure that a meeting to review your child’s plan takes place and can ask the school to arrange this on their behalf and provide a report of the meeting.  You must be given two weeks notice of the date of the meeting and any Professional, relevant to your child’s plan, must also be invited. 
The school must seek advice and information about your child from all those invited to the review meeting, and any information received should be circulated two weeks before the meeting takes place.

2. Annual review meeting

The review meeting usually takes place at the school.  It must focus on your child’s progress towards achieving the outcomes set out in the plan.  It should also consider any changes that might be needed, such as the way your child’s needs are described, or to the provision set out in the plan. You should be given the opportunity to participate fully in the review meeting. Where possible we encourage the Pupils to attend their review and to take part, by showing photos, examples of their work and talking about school and their aspirations. 

3. Headteacher’s report of the meeting

Following the meeting, the school must prepare and send a report of the meeting to the local authority and to everyone invited, within two weeks of the meeting date.  The report must set out any changes that have been suggested, including where there may be a difference of opinion amongst those who attended the meeting about what those changes might be.

4. Local authority reviews the plan

The actual review happens at the end of the process. The local authority reviews your child’s plan in light of the report. They then must decide whether to keep the plan as it is, change the plan or cease to maintain the plan.  They must send you and the school their decision within four weeks of the review meeting.

If the local authority decides to amend the plan, they must start the process straight away.  They will send you a copy of the existing plan and a notice which sets out the proposed changes which you will have to agree. You can ask to meet with the local authority to discuss them if you want to.

The local authority must issue an amended final plan within eight weeks of sending the proposed changes to you. Once the amended plan is issued, they must advise you of your right to appeal against the content of the plan to the First-tier Tribunal, SEN & Disability (SEND).  If they decide not to make any changes to the plan following a review, you will have the right to appeal to the First-tier Tribunal, SEN & Disability (SEND).