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The Howard Partnership Trust is a growing family of 13 schools in the South East of England. Our family includes Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and welcomes any school that shares our values and commitment to Bringing out the Best in each and every one of our children and young people. Visit website

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Linden Bridge School

Linden Bridge School

School Facebook Community

We have 2 closed private Facebook community groups for the school.

Parents and Carers of Linden Bridge School

This group is aimed at current parents / immediate family and current staff. We use it as a means to share school news and celebrations, distribute information for parents about school and wider support networks and events, enable parents share issues, to ask questions and support each other. You need to request to join. 

 We require that any information or pictures shared in this group are not shared beyond this forum.

It is not appropriate for pupils under the age of 13 to have a Facebook account. Due the additional vulnerability of our pupils, if they do, we strongly advise that you monitor their online activity carefully.

It is a serious breach of our E-Safety Policy for staff to befriend or message pupils online, whatever their age . If you become aware of such activity or any other online activity which concerns you please  report to:  

Linden Bridge (ex pupils, staff and families)

This group provides a safe, private forum for ex-pupils, staff present and past and families to keep in touch with each other, share news and successes and inform about school reunions and events. 

These groups are monitored by school leaders and mis-use such as offensive comments or content or advertising may result in a warning and / or expulsion from the group.