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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Linden Bridge School

Linden Bridge School



Education for Life: Building Bridges to Independence

Young people will leave Linden Bridge as Lifelong Learners, with the skills, knowledge and interests to access the next stage of their education or life journey. Our aim is for all our students to transition from Linden Bridge into mainstream school or college, to the world of work or to an appropriate residential or supported living placement, equipped with the skills needed to live as independently as possible.

We provide a creative, relevant and progressive curriculum, including a residential curriculum, which is underpinned by specialist Autism strategies, and which engages and excites our students and prepares them fully for the next phase in their journey. 

Building Bridges to Independence underpins all that we do, with our academic curricula feeding into this.  We are aspirational for our students and provide appropriate arrangements to enable access for all through our ordinarily available provision. 


Early Years
Early Years at Linden Bridge is guided by the Early Years Framework, with additional guidance being taken from Birth to Five to allow all individual starting points to be catered for. In line with the Birth to Five principles, we recognise the importance of supporting our pupils in the prime areas (Personal Social Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development) as these are the foundations for learning. Assessing the children is central to our practice and we follow a cycle of observing, assessing their learning and planning for next steps. Ensuring we have accurate and thorough assessments of each child is integral to planning next steps for them and ensuring we are best able to meet their needs.  


Writing is taught at Linden Bridge through access to a progression of high-quality model texts.  Each text has been chosen to enable a range of writing opportunities and outcomes.  Students will either access the text through a sensory story model or through the use of model texts.

 English Subject Profile 

 Writing Curriculum Progression  

Reading is a priority at Linden Bridge.  Our students have access to high quality texts from Reception through to Year 14 and are encouraged to develop a love for reading throughout their time in school. 

We follow the Little Wandle synthetic phonics programme to support students in developing their early reading skills.  Students will access this at a developmental stage that is appropriate for them.  Our phonics programme has been adapted to ensure access arrangements are in place for our preverbal learners, where needed.

 Phonics Curriculum Progression 

 Reading Curriculum Progression

 English Long Term Overview

At Linden Bridge, we follow the White Rose Programme of Study.  The coverage has been adapted to ensure our students are accessing age-appropriate topics at a developmental level that is appropriate to them.

As well as lessons in the classroom, pupils develop their functional skills in mathematics in practical context such as Forest School, Science, trips to the local area and Employability.

  Maths Subject Profile   

  Maths Curriculum Progression  

  Maths Long Term Overview

Our science coverage is mapped across the whole school from Reception to Year 14 through Snap Science, delivering hands on lessons with appropriate access arrangements to ensure all our students can access and develop their scientific knowledge and understanding.

Snap Science is shaped by an informed understanding of the purpose and value of primary science, aiming for every child to engage with a coherent progression of the scientific skills and concepts specified in the National Curriculum.

  Science Subject Profile 

 Science Curriculum Progression

At Linden Bridge we follow the LifeWise curriculum from reception through to Year 14. This is supported by a bespoke, age appropriate RSE curriculum.

LifeWise lessons cover the topics that really matter to children and young people today; handling anxiety, understanding cybersecurity, managing money and everything in between – their mission is to help young people develop respect for themselves and each other.

  PHSE Subject Profile 

 PSHE Curriculum Progression

PSHE Long Term Overview 


In Art, Design and Technology we encourage our students to explore their creativity and develop skills through a range of materials and techniques, and to learn about the wider world through the work of artists and designers.

We also aim to support well-being and creativity longer term, and for students to understand that Art, Design and Technology can bring joy as a hobby, whether that be creating, or visiting exhibitions. We also want our students to understand that people have careers in the creative and technical industries.

 Art Subject Profile 

 Art Curriculum Progression Phase 1&2 

 Art Curriculum Progression Phase 3 

 Art Curriculum Progression Phase 4

 Art Long Term Overview

 DT Subject Profile

 DT Curriculum Progression Phase 1 & 2 

 DT Curriculum Progression Phase 3

At Linden Bridge, we aim to inspire our students to fulfil their full potential. PE supports their health, well-being and fitness and provides the foundations for lifelong activity.

We offer our students a broad and balanced curriculum that covers a full range of skills and activities helping them to have fun and experience success in sport, join at their own level of development, develop good sporting attitudes, understand basic rules, experience positive competition and learn in a safe environment.

In order to achieve this, we ensure our lessons are structured in a way that our students can access; we incorporated the TEACCH system into PE lessons for Phase 1 and Phase 2. With this system, the students use the same structure they use in their classrooms and the transitions to a big open space are smoother.

With our Phase 3 and Phase 4 students, we use a more traditional approach, using modified sports with minimum competition in Phase 3 and sports in Phase 4. In both cases, we give more importance to the tactics, minimising the impact of the technique. With this approach we allow everyone to play and progressively, we increase the technical demands.

As part of the PE curriculum, all our students in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and many in Phase 4 have a weekly swimming lesson.

Our students have access to different extracurricular sport events and competitions, where they proudly represent the school.

 PE Subject Profile  

 PE Long Term Overview 


At Linden Bridge School, our Geography curriculum aim is to inspire students to explore and ask questions to help them make sense of the world around them and take their role within it. The curriculum provides them with essential component knowledge, key vocabulary and practical skills that they can apply in real life situations. Students are supported in developing both their geographical skills and their geographical thinking within and beyond the classroom.

  Geography Subject Profile

 Geography Curriculum Progression  

 Geography Long Term Overview


At Linden Bridge School, our history curriculum aim is for our students to develop a secure understanding of past, present and a sense of chronology, to acquire a knowledge and understanding of time, events and people through the passing of time and to understand how key historical events helped to shape the world we are living in today. Historical skills and concepts are taught progressively across the school in line with the National Curriculum with adaptations made to ensure students are able to access age-appropriate content at their developmental stage.

 History Subject Profile

 History Curriculum Progression

 History Long Term Overview 

Religious Education

At Linden Bridge, we follow the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey Schools.  Through RE, students develop positive attitudes to their learning and to the beliefs and values of others including self-awareness, respect for all, open-mindedness, appreciation and wonder.

 RE Subject Profile

 RE Curriculum Progression

 RE Long Term Overview



 Music Subject Profile  

 Music Curriculum Progression  

  MFL Subject Profile 

 Computing Subject Profile  



The careers provision at Linden Bridge School is in line with the statutory guidance developed by the Department for Education, which refers to Section 42A and 45A of the Education Act 1997.

This states that all schools should provide independent careers guidance from Years 8 -13 and that this guidance should:

  • Be impartial
  • Include information on a range of pathways, including apprenticeships
  • Be adapted to the needs of the pupil
  • In addition, the school is compliant with the careers guidance that the government set out for delivery from 5 January 2018: ‘Careers Guidance and Inspiration for young people in schools.’ This states that all schools must give education and training providers the opportunity to talk to students about approved technical qualifications and apprenticeships.

At Linden Bridge we provide an engaging and motivating careers curriculum that incorporates a variety of work-related learning opportunities, whilst meeting the individual needs of our students. We ensure all students have an awareness and experiences of the world of work in Phases 1 and 2 and access to careers education and enterprise experiences in Phases 3 and 4, drawing on their individual strengths and aspirations. 


Aims and Purpose

  • Provide career related learning opportunities to all students throughout their school journey, including access to work placements.   
  • Encourage students to discover and raise their aspirations and have an awareness of different career pathways. 
  • Enable all students to develop their communication, adaptability, and resilience skills to prepare them for adulthood. 
  • Support pupils to develop transferable skills. 
  • Educate our students about their choices and support them to make realistic choices and informed decisions regarding their future. 
  • Inform students and their families about the pathways available to them beyond Linden Bridge and provide supportive advice throughout their journey. 
  • Inspire and motivate students to live as independently as possible when they transition from Linden Bridge. 


Planning and delivery complies with the statutory guidance (Careers guidance and access for education and training providers, January 2023) and is informed by the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Careers Guidance 2014.